After your seminar, I'm actually more relaxed and more carefree. Even for my 6year old I didn't revise with her for her mid term exams.  She did all her revisions herself and Aced all her subjects. 
Flora, KL

I went for this talk today... It was my Pleasure and my Privilege to hear this lady speak!!  So mind changing and informative and such a wonderful and engaging person... she really speaks about what she is passionate about and has lived and walked her talk!!  A Sunday well spent!!
Shareen Albert, KL

I first met Poh Yew at a conference in Mathematical Creativity in Bulgaria and was drawn to her work, not only because of her own very contagious enjoyment of mathematics but also because of her ability to explain the mathematical concepts behind the games and tricks to people with a wide range of mathematical backgrounds and interest.  From children with their parents to professor of mathematics, all were drawn into her activities.
Prof. Linda Sheffield,
Regents Professor, Mathematics Education,
Northern Kentucky University, USA

I learnt about amazing magic tricks.  I also learnt that cooperation is important and never give up.  I enjoyed this workshop very much!  Continue this all around the world.  I would really like to share the experience I had today.  You guys are amazing! TQ.
Shazril Suhad, 12 years old, Sri KL

I’m really impressed with your creativity power. I’ve attended many kinds of workshops and this workshop was the most interesting one! I couldn’t wait to show some of the magic tricks that just learnt to my 5 year old daughter. She was so impressed with “my” magic show. She enjoyed so much playing these cards and kept coming up with all kinds of games created by her creativity. Thanks for leading us and our next generations to the wonderful creative wizard world!
Elaine Tan, Kuala Lumpur

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