About Teoh Poh Yew


Thanks for your interest in my work.

I'm a happy mother of 3 young adults (20, 19 & 17 year olds) and a passionate Mathematics educator. I specialize in helping people develop their creativity potential through the magic of Mathematics. I've published 3 books on Mathematical Magic and share my work through my creative workshops with parents and teachers in 15 countries around the world.

I believe every child has their unique and unlimited potential.  As parents and teachers, our duty is to provide a conducive environment for the development of their innate potentials.  

If parents and teachers can make learning fun and effective, every child would love to learn.

You are most welcome to contact me to discuss any parenting issue or to share with me some interesting activities that promotes creativity.

I can be contacted at:
Tel: 012-4935131
email: teohpy@gmail.com

More info at: www.creativewizard.com.my

Poh Yew

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